Nicolas Le Manchet

About Me

Hi, I am a Nicolas, a software developer from France, currently living in Warsaw, Poland.

Python is my go to language but I also develop in Rust, Lua, and Go from time to time. The Open Source software I write and contribute to is shown in my GitHub profile.

Freelance Work

I work as a freelancer, my domain of expertise includes:

  • Software development in Python with Django, Flask and Celery
  • Infrastructure automation with Ansible, Puppet and Docker

I consider myself a DevOps, behind the buzzword it means that I enjoy developing software and managing the infrastructure that runs it. Doing both gives access to the full picture which is invaluable to work in the best conditions.

I am available for contract work, you can contact me by email at nicolas@<domain of this website>.fr.


Previously I was writing backend code at Growbots, a Polish Startup and managing servers at OVH, a French cloud provider.

I studied Engineering in Network and Telecommunication at the UTT in France. During my studies I had the opportunity to discover many countries like Canada, Estonia and Poland. They were amazing experiences that developed my taste for living abroad.

Software Projects

  • (code) hosted and open source RSS feed reader written with Django.
  • I help maintain IMAPClient, a popular Python library for interacting with email servers.
  • Spinach a Redis task queue for Python 3 heavily inspired by Celery and RQ.
  • Atoma a typed Atom and RSS feed parser for Python 3.
  • Bplustree an on-disk B+ tree for Python 3.
  • Sauna a daemon written in Python to monitor infrastructure.


Besides software development, I am passionate about photography. Some of my work is displayed in the Photography section of this website.