Nicolas Le Manchet

About Me

I am a 27 years old IT engineer from France. Currently living in Warsaw, Poland working at Growbots. Previously I was writing backend code and managing servers at OVH, a French hosting provider.

Python is my go to language but I also develop in Rust, Lua, C and Go from time to time. The Open Source software I write and contribute to is shown in my GitHub profile.

I consider myself a DevOps, behind the trendy buzzword it means that I enjoy developing software and managing the infrastructure that runs it. Doing both gives access to the full picture which is invaluable to work in the best conditions.

I studied engineering in Network and Telecommunication at the UTT in France. During my studies I had the opportunity to discover many countries like Canada, Estonia and Poland. They were amazing experiences that developed my taste for living abroad.

You can contact me by email at nicolas@<domain of this website>.fr.


Besides software development, I am passionate about photography. Some of my work is displayed in the Photography section of this website.

Software Projects

  • I help maintain IMAPClient, a popular Python library for interacting with email servers.
  • Spinach a Redis task queue for Python 3 heavily inspired by Celery and RQ.
  • (code) hosted and open source RSS feed reader written in Django.
  • Atoma a typed Atom and RSS feed parser for Python 3.
  • Bplustree an on-disk B+ tree for Python 3.
  • Sauna a daemon written in Python to monitor infrastructure.