Nicolas Le Manchet

Nicolas Le Manchet, What I've Learned Today

Adding asyncio support to a threaded task queue
Using Python to check for APT updates
FreeNAS backup with Restic
Raspberry Pi network scanner
Resizing swap on Debian Buster
Checking that arguments are compatible with a function without running it
PostgreSQL autovacuum not running
Pagination in MySQL
PostgreSQL index not being used
Timezone abbreviations in dateutil
Django database connections in background workers
Testing reusable Django apps
Disallowing access to Django admin for non-staff users
Optimizing Caddy logs for Goaccess
Postgres on ZFS
Docker userland proxy
Glibc getpid syscall caching
Oven clocks getting slowed down in Europe
Docker and writing to stdout
Cleaning untrusted HTML markup
Safely loading XML files in Python
Gracefully stop Python Docker container
New Python 3 email API
CPU microcode update
Improve your Python Skills

Advices for beginners in Python to write better code.

Learning Python 3 threading module

Discovering how threads work in Python and the traps to avoid in multi-threaded applications.